Remote Precious Metal Mine


Chosen from a lengthy and complicated tender process, Vallo is supervising and commissioning the installation of our ValloGuard™ perimeter system. The site represents the harshest environment possible for such a system. ValloGuard™ was the only system that exceeded the stringent independent testing requirements particular to this site. It has been specifically designed to provide an ultra high security perimeter for the protection of valuable assets.

The project challenges include creating a system specifically designed and tested to meet very demanding security requirements in high attack and high risk area (local natives access to weapons, aggressive raids, political aggression) and extreme terrain challenges (earth quake region, over 45 degree slopes, 3600mm rain per annum, cliff face).

The majority of the work was carried out at heights and on work platforms, some areas requiring fall arrest cables. The site is in an extremely remote location with dirt track access only for logistics ? 5 days by road and light plane access only.

In total, the solution required 10.5km of ValloGuard™ fencing with 10 pedestrian gates and 7 vehicle gates with 90 containers, 99,000 high pales, 16,000m of razor wire, 480,000 high tensile rivets, 50,000 nuts & bolts.