V8 Supercars


The Sydney V8 Supercars race was the biggest event on Australia's 2009 Racing Calendar. As with all supercar events, safety was a priority. Following a gruelling and competitive tender process, Vallo was selected to manufacture and supply the client?designed debris fencing for the race. The design incorporated "pin and socket" sections that allowed the fence panels to follow the race track curves and changes. Equally important, Vallo committed to demanding aesthetic requirements that supported international TV coverage

Due to the high?profile nature of the event, Vallo was required to work to an extremely tight schedule. The process included submission of detailed shop drawings, prototype testing and quality assurance. Vallo's responsibilities for the project also included transportation of the product to site, equipment storage and unloading of the fencing ready for installation.

Project Challenges included developing a high strength design to capture "flying debris" from vehicle incidents and the fence had to be portable to allow for quick & easy setup & dismantle with minimal logistics area as site required to trade "as normal" during construction.

In total, the solution required 44 containers, 2200 debris panels and 4400 locating pins.