1. Protector Gates
  2. Cantilevered Gates
  3. Interceptor

Protector Gates

Vallo's Protector Gates have been designed to complement our full product portfolio of fencing systems. Swing, sliding, manual or fully automated solutions are available. Sizes can be manufactured to suit openings from 1 to 10m, as well as tailor made to suit specific requirements.

All gates are made to suit the fencing style they are attaching to maintain aesthetics and a wide range of infills are available, including round bar, square bar and hollow sections, manufactured to suit our portfolio of products.

Protector Gates

Cantilevered Gates

Vallo's Cantilevered Gates provide a solid and durable access point for a wide range of applications and have been specifically designed to complement our range of fencing products. Gate sizes range from 3 to 10 metre openings in one leaf either motorised or manual. Heights range from 1.2 to 2.4 metres.

Each gate is manufactured from mild steel, galvanised and polyester coated to quality assurance benchmarks. All free moving rollers are supplied in stainless steel, providing a low maintenance and trouble free product.

Each gate is supplied with an Australian Made 3 phase 0.75 Kw motor and gear box unit rated to 100% Duty Cycle. These motors are specifically designed for high usage and continuous operation, with minimal maintenance required.

All automated gates come standard with built in safety to meet OH&S standards, as well as vehicle safety.

Cantilevered Gates


A surface mounted gate, Vallo's Interceptor is fully tested to withstand a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80 km/h.

Offering ultra high security and minimal disruption at installation, the Interceptor is commonly used at mining and high security sites, airports and other industrial properties.

The Interceptor consists of...

  • A gate leaf
  • 2 buttresses
  • Rear ground beam for surface mounting
  • 8 polypropylene side rollers fully ball raced

For the complete security solution, additional gate leaves can be ordered and held in stock for immediate replacement, should the Interceptor be called into action.

Standard gate widths range from 3.5m to 6m with non-standard widths are available upon request.

Interceptor Gates