The ValloGuard™ palisade fencing system has been specifically designed to provide an ultra high security perimeter for the protection of valuable assets while presenting an aesthetic and formidable physical barrier.

ValloGuard™ counters the known weaknesses of traditional steel palisade and security mesh fence systems via Vallo's own pale and rail system.

Vallo's unique and flexible design allows for extreme site variations without the need for cutting, welding and re-fitting sections. With no fastener attack points and up to 45° gradient and 20° lateral changes without alteration, ValloGuard™ is quick to install.

ValloGuard™ is available in four versions to suit security requirements.

Independent tests in the UK and Australia have demonstrated that ValloGuard™ can resist more than 200 direct hits with a 6.3kg sledgehammer without fail or breach. The system also successfully defeated penetration by common hand tools and levers.

ValloGuard™ has recently been used in a high security project in Papua New Guinea.