Security Fencing

  1. Garrison Fencing
  2. SecureGuard 358
  3. Palisade

Garrison Fencing

Garrison Fencing is a heavy duty tubular fence providing a strong defence against intruders. Available as standard 2.1m high, the fencing can be supplied as 1.8m or 2.4m, and made to measure between pillars on front alignments.

Vallo's Garrison Fencing can be manufactured according to site requirements and is easy to install. If necessary, the separable panels can be removed and replaced without removing posts.

Garrison Fencing is commonly used at public facilities where security and aesthetics are both a priority. Powder coated to suit, Garrison is a reliable solution for industrial and commercial properties.

SecureGuard 358

Vallo's SecureGuard 358 is perfectly suited to high security applications, providing excellent see through visibility and is extensively used with CCTV. This high performance system provides the ultimate protection against anti-climb & cut through.

Manufactured using 4mm wire welded at each intersection creating a strong and durable panel, the mesh aperture consists of a 76.2 x 12.7mm mesh spacing providing ultimate protection against attack. The hole centres on the fixing detail can be reduced from 304mm to 152mm for additional security.

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Palisade is a strong and durable fence providing excellent protection against climbing and cut-through. Available in D or W profile for all specifications, the paling tops can be single pointed, triple pointed, square tops or round & notched tops.

Posts can be vertically extended to take barbed or razor wire and are available with welded fishplates or slotted, complete with loose fishplates that can be concreted-in and base plated for bolting down or cranked. Panels can be easily raked to allow for most site conditions.

Vallo's Palisade Fencing is available in heights of 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3m. Contact Us now to discuss a tailor-made gate to suit our range of Palisade Fencing.