Vehicle Entry

  1. Reader Pedestals
  2. Tyre Spikes
  3. Boom Gates

Reader Pedestals

Reader Pedestals are a heavy-duty, self centring reader and intercom post designed for use in all environments.

The unit is manufactured from heavy duty steel with fully welded joints and structures. Reader and intercom face plates are removable for easy install of devices, and are protected by a shaped weather shroud.

Available in car height or truck height, Vallo's Reader Pedestals are galvanized after construction and powder coated in high visibility yellow.


Tyre Spikes

Vallo Tyre Spikes are specifically designed to restrict the entry of vehicles from entering into restricted areas with high security requirements.

Ideal for a wide range of applications including airports, car rental yards, prisons, military installations and other areas where the vehicles need to be prevented from entering or exiting the premises, Vallo Tyre Spikes provide a strong visual and practical deterrent.

Tyre Spikes can be installed as single modular units and configured for use to best suit site requirements.

Tyre Spikes

Boom Gates

Vallo offer both sliding and rising boom gates as a vandal resistant barrier designed for use in unsupervised areas.

Vallo Sliding Boom Gates can be controlled by access control systems, programmed to open and close at pre-set times and are designed to withstand forceful entry.

Our Rising Boom Gates are a heavy-duty, hydraulic barrier for beams of up to 8.5m with opening times of up to 2.7 seconds. Vallo Rising Boom Gates include blanked off cut-outs for mounting accessories and have a greater lifespan than traditional booms.

Boom Gates