Pedestrian Control

  1. Turnstiles
  2. Pedestrian Gates
  3. Post & Chain


Vallo Turnstiles are specifically designed for continuous use in harsh operating environments. Configurable to either direction, the simplicity of integration allows for easy connection to most common access control system.

Ideal for deterring un-authorised access into sites, Vallo Turnstiles minimise the exit/entry passage opening and manage access privileges and can accommodate up to 15 pedestrians per minute operating under the control of the access management system.

Turnstiles are available galvanized, powder coated or in stainless steel finishes.


Pedestrian Gates

Vallo Pedestrian Gates can be manufactured to match or complement existing fencing or gates to ensure continuity on your site.

All our Pedestrian Gates are manufactured from steel and offer increased security to new or existing premises as well as providing an architectural design balance.

Vallo offers many extra variables such as key operation, hand held radio control unit or vehicle detection automatic opening and closing, roller bearing hinges and different metal finishes including powder coating and galvanising.

Pedestrian Gates

Post & Chain

Vallo's Post & Chain fencing is used for general demarcation in low security sites.

With posts manufactured from steel and galvanised or powder coated to suit, this system is installed with minimal disruption to site.