Crash Barriers

  1. Road Blockers
  2. Debris Fencing

Road Blockers

The Vallo Road Blocker is a heavy-duty, reliable and fast operating rising barrier suited to any application where there is both high vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow. The Road Blocker not only provides an effective barrier against vehicles but against motorcycles as well.

Road Blockers are an effective visual deterrent ranging from low to high impact resistance. They may be installed as single independent units or in combination with other products, such as with barriers or gates in order to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a vehicle checkpoint.

Road Blockers have a simple and fast installation process requiring only a relatively small footing to ensure minimal site disruption.

Road Blockers

Debris Fencing

Vallo's Debris Fencing is of a heavy duty steel fence system that slots into a concrete impact block. This system ensures the maximum safety for high speed vehicles and other high-risk impacts.

Commonly used for motorsports, Debris Fencing can also be used to prevent access to high security sites such as embassies, government buildings and hotels.

The high impact system ensures maximum security while the slide in system makes assembly and dismantling both time efficient and less labour intensive.

Vallo's Debris Fencing was recently used for the V8 Supercars Event in Sydney.

V8 Supercars event