Vehicle Wheel Stops

Australian Standards required that a car wheel stop be placed wherever it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle manoeuvring into a parking space. To meet these standards, Vallo's concrete Wheel Stops are available in two sizes - 1650mm and 2000mm.

Vallo Wheel Stops are made from steel-reinforced concrete with 2 x 30mm diameter holes for fixing. A 180mm long dowel is used to fix these to the ground and grouted into place.

Architectural Bollards

Vallo's Architectural Concrete Bollards can be used to line driveways, improve security and traffic flow or increase security around walkways.

Precast Concrete Bollards are aesthetic, functional and durable. Our Architectural Bollards are available in a variety of finishes and colours.


Vallo's Precast Concrete Planters are a clean and simple design perfect for flowers, plants and trees. These create protective borders for buildings and walkways add aesthetic value to completed sites.

Precast Concrete Planters offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance that will last for years. With the variety of surface finishes and colours available these standard planters can look truly customised.

Concrete Blocks

Vallo Concrete Blocks are poured into specially manufactured moulds using excess concrete from projects in the Hanson factory. The blocks are all fitted with a 2.5 tonne Swift Lift cast into the block for easy lifting and placing (approximate weight per block = 1 tonne).

Vallo Concrete Blocks are high quality and are commonly used for retaining walls, landscape yard bins, counter weights and retaining river frontage.